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Safety Tips for Business Travelers
Safety is something all travelers should be concerned with, whether they are seasoned road warriors or beginners. There are a number of things travelers can do to stay as safe as possible during their business trips. We spoke with business travel expert Road Warriorette to get the lowdown on safety tips for business travelers.
African American Business Man Celebrating
How to Keep Your Resolutions While Traveling
A new year has started, and you've set your good intentions for 2018. Whether you are wanting to save money or learn a new skill, sometimes traveling can be a hurdle to achieving your goals. Here's how to stick to common New Year's resolutions while travelling.
Tips for Holiday Travel
We spoke to business travel expert Road Warriorette for suggestions on making this hectic travel time go more smoothly.
How to Choose a Carry-On Suitcase
Business trips aren't known for being bastions of healthy living. Between late nights, room service, and required client entertainment there are plenty of ways to wreck a diet and little time for physical activity. We turned to business travel expert Road Warriorette for some tips staying healthy on the road.
Business Man Eating Healthy Choice
Tips for Staying Healthy on a Business Trip
Business trips aren't known for being bastions of healthy living. Between late nights, room service, and required client entertainment there are plenty of ways to wreck a diet and little time for physical activity. We turned to business travel expert Road Warriorette for some tips staying healthy on the road.
Increased Security Screening for Inbound U.S Travel
This issue of Ask an Expert explains the newest travel security policy which has lifted the laptop ban and increase airport security.
Employers Duty of Care for Travelling Employees
To an extent, all travel has risks associated. Generally any issues that arise during personal travel are the responsibility of the traveler. But because of its very nature, issues that arise during business travel are the responsibility of the traveler's employer.
Airport Concept Direction Sign Business Woman
Managing the Delta Terminal Changes at LAX
We talked with business travel expert Road Warriorette about
Airplane etiquette
With frequent delays, oversold flights, and crowded conditions, travel can lead to heightened tempers and shortened fuses. It's not always easy to keep etiquette top-of-mind on long trips, but showing kindness to your fellow travelers can drastically improve someone's frustrating experience.
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The Lowdown on Basic Economy Fares
American Airlines has recently joined Delta and United in offering a new type of low-cost, no-frills fare. While there are similarities between Basic Economy offerings, there are differences too. All of the minute details can be overwhelming.
Tracking your luggage with new technology
Technology is always advancing and in this article we go into how you can better track your luggage.
Tips for getting through airport security quickly
Airport security can be complicated to get through in the best of times. During the busy holiday season, it can be a nightmare waiting to happen. Lengthy security delays can cause business travelers to miss their flights, wasting time and money.
Tips for getting a visa
Travel expert Road Warriorette answers questions on how to make the process of getting a visa as painless as possible.
Delta's New London-Heathrow Move
Delta Airlines moves all flights from former home in Terminal 4 to Terminal 3. To explain the strategy behind this we turned to business travel expert Road Warrior.
Bleisure Travel
The trend that is sweeping the business travel world the last few years is bleisure travel, or trips that combine business and leisure into one.
Preparing for your first international trip
Your first International trip can be frightening. Local expert Road Warriorette answers your questions here.
Understanding New Basic Economy Fares
Several years ago, Delta began experimenting with a new fare type called Basic Economy. The fare provides an opportunity for greater savings, but with limitations that may not be right for all travelers. As Delta expands this fare to more markets, United and American and preparing to offer a similar fare type later this year.
Trusted Traveller programs expanding globally
The Global Entry program has been available for over 10 years and is a lifesaver for many regular travelers. Over the same period, many other countries have created similar programs for their citizens and we are seeing an increasing number of them offering reciprocity with the US. If you detest waiting in customs and immigration lines, you UNIGLOBE Travel expert has the rundown of programs to sp
Trends in InFlight Entertainment
It wasn't so long ago that the roll-out of seat-back TVs was a major enhancement in inflight entertainment. Today, travelers can experience a wide diversity of options from flight to flight. The changes are being driven by market demand, traveler habits, technology development and cost. What options are you likely to experience on your next flight? Your UNIGLOBE Travel expert has the rundown.
How you order your meals is changing
The technology, choice and process for ordering your meals on your day of travel is changing. And unlike many of the airline and airport experience changes over the past 10 years, this one is definitely for the better.
Eating Healthy on the Road.
Eating properly while you are traveling can be difficult, especially with changes in time zones, hours spent in airports, living in hotels, business meetings at all hours and more.
Breakfast Tray on Bed at Hotel
Airport Hotels are Changing
No one can deny the convenience of staying in an airport hotel; it often means you're not battling fierce traffic to or from the downtown core or adverse weather conditions, both of which offer the potential of a missed flight.
Arriving Fresh: Combatting Jet Lag
Many travelers assume that jet lag on long distance flights is an inevitability as reliable as death and taxes. But it need not be that way, with the right planning and a few expert tips. Jumping time zones plays with your circadian rhythms while many of the tricks that travelers employ to help with jet lag actually make it worse.
Business Team Applauding at Conference
Getting the Most Out of Conferences & Conventions
For many people, September means back to school, leaves starting to fall and time to start pulling your sweaters out of the back of the closet. For business travelers, this means the beginning of conference season.
American Airlines Retires US Airways Brand for Good
Mark October 17, 2015 as the day that marks the final disappearance of another U.S. airline. This is the day that American Airlines retires the U.S. Airways brand for good. Although the intention to merge the two airlines was originally announced on February 14, 2013, the actual merger didn't occur until December of that year.
What does United’s move from JFK to Newark mean to you?
United Airlines recently announced that when its lease at JFK expires this October it will be pulling all of its operations out, and moving them to Newark airport. The airline will be exchanging its gates with Delta at both JFK and Newark and consolidating its operations in one place, meaning that Newark becomes an even more important hub.
How are Hotels Catering to the Wellness of Business Travelers?
Hotels are paying attention and some are taking steps to help you stay well during your travels. What wellness services might you find on your next business trip? The UNIGLOBE experts are here with a few suggestions.
Changes to the TSA PreCheck Program
If you’re a loyal member of an airline frequent flyer program who has opted to use the PreCheck lanes in the past, you may already have received notification from your carrier that the rules are about to change and that your access to expedited security will decline. If you’re wondering how these changes will affect you, the UNIGLOBE experts are here to answer your questions.
What Should You Know about Delta’s Branded Products
In an effort to redefine and differentiate its products to customers, Delta recently announced a rebranding of its fare classes. It will now offer five distinct classes of fares, each with its own specific characteristics. Your UNIGLOBE experts are here to clarify what this rebranding means for you.
Business Man Ringing Hotel Bell
Changes in Hotel Cancelation Policies
Effective January 1, 2015, two major hotel chains will be charging cancelation fees on late cancelations or unused hotel reservations. The UNIGLOBE experts are here to enlighten you on what the policy changes may mean to you.
Flight Attendant Handing Water to Business Man
Premium Airline Offerings
Airlines are continually striving to find ways to not only differentiate themselves from their competitors but to make the travel experience more enjoyable for their passengers, in particular, those who travel in premium cabins.
Women on Plane with Mask
Distinguishing Hyperbole from Fact
The existence of social media means that these headlines can now be instantly projected around the world and expanded upon by people who have no first-hand knowledge of the actual situation.
Placing Luggage In Overhead Bin
Airplane Etiquette
You've probably read about the incidents recently…three planes have been forced to land when passengers have got into disputes over reclining their seats. Some of the incidents became physical and flight staff felt threatened.
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Fit in a Workout at the Airport
You’re constantly on the move, traveling from business meeting to business meeting. How do you find time to fit in a workout when you have such a hectic travel schedule?
African American Business Man on Tablet at Airport
Traveling with Electronic Devices
In the last few years, electronic devices have become an integral part of our everyday lives, which means that we can’t imagine traveling without them.
Man Holding Stack of Credit Cards
Keeping Up With Changes in Frequent Flyer Programs
If your head is spinning, trying to keep up with all the changes in the airlines’ frequent-flyer programs recently, we don’t blame you.
Waiting To Board Airplane
Airlines & Airports Strive to Improve Traveler Experience
With the constant changes in air travel conditions - smaller seats with less leg-room, long queues at security and fewer amenities onboard the aircraft - the airline industry is looking to other business models for ideas on how to improve your overall travel experience.
Hotel Room Bed 2
Hotel Trends for 2014
If you travel frequently you’ve probably noticed that many hotels are changing the way they conduct business.
Airplane Faceon Over Clouds
Changes to Delta's SkyMiles Program
Delta has announced major changes to its SkyMiles program. Beginning January 1, 2015, changes will be made to how frequent flier miles are awarded and redeemed. How will this affect your travel plans? Let the experts at UNIGLOBE answer some of your questions.
Business Man Checking in for Flight
U.S. Pre-Clearance
When returning to the U.S., clearing Customs and Immigration can be a time-consuming process, sometimes the difference between making a connecting flight or not.
African American Business Man Holding Tickets
What do You Know about TSA Pre✓™?
As every frequent traveler knows, airport security has become a nightmare. You stand in endless line-ups struggling to remove your shoes, belts, jewellery and anything else that might set off the alarm.
Airplane Flying Over Buildings
American Airlines and US Airways Merger
What you need to know about the recently approved merger between American Airlines and US Airways. How will this affect flights, loyalty programs, and ticket prices?
African American Business Man on Tablet at Airport
What Should I Know About Using Personal Electronic Devices Onboard My Flight?
As most frequent travelers probably know by now, effective October 31, 2013, the FAA has determined that airlines can safely expand passenger use of Portable Electronic Devices (PEDs) during all phases of flight.
Eating At Business Meeting
Eating Healthy While Traveling
Eating properly while on the road can be tricky, especially with changes in time zones, hours spent in airports, living in hotels, business meetings at all hours and more.
People Walking in Snowstorm
How to Stay Healthy While Traveling
Winter is on its way and with it comes the sneezing and coughing of flu season. Haven’t we all sat near someone with a sniffle or a nasty cough, in the airport or on the plane?
Open Grey Luggage with Business Clothing
Must-Remember Items for a Business Trip
Frequent business travelers each have their own routine when it comes to packing for a trip. Travel often enough and you know which clothing items work and which shoes are the most comfortable for long days away from home.
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Are all Airline Rewards Programs the Same?
All airline rewards programs sound enticing but how do you choose the best program for yourself? What should you consider before committing to one particular airline?
Happy Young Business Woman In-Airport
Traveling Safe for Solo Female Business Travelers
While it does seem that there has been plenty of negative publicity about solo female travelers recently, it's important to keep things in perspective.
Worried Business Men at Airport
Has the Airline Lost your Luggage?
You're waiting at the luggage carousel watching the number of bags dwindle as they ride round and around and you slowly realize that your bag is not going to make an appearance. What now?
Trouble Business Man Sitting
Lost Your ID on a Trip?
It's everyone's biggest nightmare...you're traveling and you lose your ID, whether through theft or simply misplacing it.
Business Man Packing Luggage
Packing Effectively in the Era of Carry-On Luggage
With pretty much every airline charging for checked baggage and many businesses trying to cut travel expenses, the current trend is to travel with only carry-on luggage.
Young Woman Sleeping On Plane
Combatting Jet Lag
When it comes to jumping time zones, some seasoned travelers simply tough it out. This may work for a few people, but often is not the best solution.
Man and Woman with Airplane
Mixing Business with Pleasure
With Valentine's Day just around the corner you may be conspiring to surprise that special someone. But wait, you've just noticed you have a business trip planned for the second week of February.
Businessman Holding Ticket In Airport-Horizontal
Travel Cost Saving Secrets for 2013
As you set your business priorities for the year ahead, the experts at UNIGLOBE Travel remind you how to save on the expenses of business travel by using a combination of three elements - planning ahead, staying flexible and using reward and incentive programs to your advantage.
Happy Young Business Woman In-Airport
Travel & The Holiday Season
With the festive season just around the corner, many of us are thinking about our holiday plans and what gifts to buy. However, this doesn't mean that traveling for business gets put on hold.
Business Man Eating Healthy Choice
Keep Healthy While Abroad
Sticking to healthy habits while at home can be tough, but soon as you hit the road (or the air) those healthy rules often go out the window.
Business Man Waiting at Airport with Luggage 2
Dealing with Delays
Whether we like it or not, flight delays will happen to us eventually, however knowing your rights and options is key to managing this stressful situation efficiently.

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