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InSight Newsletter - February 2018

February 2018 insight


Safety Tips for Business Travelers

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Safety is something all travelers should be concerned with, whether they are seasoned road warriors or beginners. There are a number of things travelers can do to stay as safe as possible during their business trips. We spoke with business travel expert Road Warriorette to get the lowdown on safety tips for business travelers.

Click here for how to stay safe while traveling.


JFK airport is the busiest international air passenger gateway in North America. It has about 80 airlines operating from its 125+ gates. However, despite its size and importance, it does not have service from either United or Southwest.

JFK is seemingly in a constant state of construction with one terminal or another being renovated or rebuilt.  The most iconic building at JFK is the former TWA terminal which was seen in several scenes from the 2002 movie Catch Me If You Can.

Here’s what you need to know about JFK International Airport.

JFK airport


United Passengers to Learn Their Flight Story

You arrived at the airport on time, your bags are checked and you’re through security. It’s a beautiful sunny day, perfect for flying. But your flight has been delayed for 3 hours due to weather? How can that be? Many flights are delayed due to issues that are not apparent to travelers, or are affecting the arrival location, not the departure.

On January 22nd United Airlines introduced a new system that gives travelers detailed information about their flight delays. The program, called Every Flight Has a Story, is being tested in Phoenix and Houston until February 16th. The program will be extended based on customer feedback. Travelers will receive detailed notifications that fully explain why their flight has been delayed for one hour or more.  United expects this new program will reduce traveler anxiety and build trust.

These updates will be delivered through text, email, and the airline’s mobile app. The notifications will be much more detailed compared to vague reasons in the past – weather, maintenance etc. Travelers can expect truthful reasons of what has caused the delay, such as a ‘string of thunderstorms along the flight path’, or ‘catering truck has not yet arrived’. To ensure flight attendants and airline staff are fully informed, they will receive the notifications 5 minutes earlier than customers.


DART- World’s Smallest Laptop Charger

laptop charger DART

Laptop manufacturers have focused on creating devices that are feather light and paper thin. They’ve even removed ports that used to seem essential in order to save space. But all those advancements seem redundant when you still have to pack a bulky and clumsy charger into your already stuffed carry-on.

The DART by FINsix is the world’s smallest laptop charger. It is up to 4X smaller and 6x lighter than the average 65W laptop charger. With 100-240V support, the DART can be used anywhere in the world and is compatible with most laptops, including Mac (Dart-C model). If you miss charging your phone from your laptop, the 6-foot-long cord also includes a USB port.

The streamlined design fits in tight spaces for when the only available socket is hard to reach, or you’re almost out of room in your bag. The small size of the DART won’t compromise your laptop either; it includes overvoltage, overcurrent, and overheating protection.

Learn more about FINsix and DART here


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